VOLT öppnar på Kungsmässan.

I ungefär samma stund som vinter så smått börjar övergå till vår får vi en ny butik till Kungsmässan. I slutet av mars kommer VOLT att öppna sin nya butik på Kungsmässan på övre plan.

Du kan läsa mer om Volt på deras hemsida. Så här beskriver de sig själva:

"Who shops at Volt?
Our customers are self-confident young men, who know how they want to dress. They appreciate stores that help them kit-out in the smoothest possible way. Once inspired they keep coming back for more.

What inspires us?
At Volt we are inspired by music - especially sophisticated rock, and new music that defines urban self-confidence. We look to individuals who aim to perfect the craft of dressing and living, as well as architecture and interiors that are subtly created and styled with vision.

How do we choose Volt brands?
Brands at Volt are carefully chosen for inspiration and an optimal variety. The minimum demand is that they are cutting-edge with regard to design and style."